Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why Is This News?

"He likes long walks in the park, beer, baseball, touching people, and flaunting his authority."

"We need dialogue--but not about abortion or gay marriage or condoms or anything else we are proudly in the dark ages about."

“He is with Rome on the big issues and on the little ones, but he does not do it in a dictatorial fashion--except when he orders me to recant my position on ordaining female priests. "

Okay, so I paraphrase; but the bottom line is--why is this an article in the New York Times? Why do we need to know that some predatory cult organization has moved one of their leaders from Milwaukee to New York? Why do we care if he knows how to order a hot dog?

Why are there so many contradictions of character within the article itself? Is this a surreptitious anti-Catholic piece?

I sure hope so.

"BREAKER--BREAKER--In other pressing news, local Springfield PTA President Maureen Chevarsky loves ice cream, poodles, and hugging children..."


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