Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Did She or Didn't She?

After reading the comments at the bottom of this breaking story, there are three questions that jump out at me:

1. As a few people mentioned in their comments, whether she did it or not, shouldn't the accusation be rape? Why IS nobody calling it that? Was it really 'an affair?' And while we're on the question of semantics, is she really a 'young lady' (read: innocent, naive) at 29? The bottom line is that if this was a 29 year-old man and a 15 year-old girl, he would already be crucified across The Bean in Millenium Park, the word 'Rapist' carved into his chest, his mutilated dick fed to the mutant fish in Lake Michigan. Seriously--I've seen it happen...

2. Have you ever heard a family member, friend, or ancient female neighbor say, in a story like this: "Oh, yeah--he/she did it for sure. No doubt in my mind." It never seems to matter how creepy the suspect is, how much evidence is ultimately found in their house/serial-killer barn...nobody close to them ever suspects and always accuses the media and readers/watchers of said media of jumping the gun with their condemnation. But these close friends and family are dead wrong 99% of the time...so why does the media still think we care what they have to say? Gimme the facts, WGN, not hearsay from the most biased character witnesses in the world!

3. Again, assuming this shit actually happened, are things really that hard out there on the streets that this kid had to 'allow himself to be raped by' this 29 year-old troll? I mean, yeah, she provided him with booze, weed, and probably some experienced blow jobs, but still...really? Her? I think I'd rather use my hand until the day I die. And booze and weed aren't THAT hard to come by in Chicago...


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