Saturday, February 28, 2009

There's Never Been A Better Weekend to Spend Alone In Your Room

The public's irrepressible desire to go to the movies is keeping the Hollywood junk barge afloat, but for how long?

I mean, look at the shit that is out in the multiplexes this weekend.

The Jonas Brothers? All I have to say is that if they are hot, then not only are there way too many hot people walking around in this world, but I am a goddamn smoldering angel of sexiness.

Tyler Perry? Does anybody actually think he's funny? It's one thing to dress up like a woman and be funny (Monty Python); it's a whole other thing to just dress up like a woman. Do black people see his movies to support black cinema, or do they actually like them? Can't we get good black movies out there? Can we get the Wayans Bros, Martin Lawrence, Ice Cube, and Tyler Perry out of the business already? And why do we need black movies anyway? Isn't that segregation?

Slumdog? Can't we get a break from this? Please?

? Confessions of a Shopaholic? Paul Blart?

Kill me!


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