Saturday, February 21, 2009

Open Letter to the People of the World

Dear People of the World,

The problem with our financial system is not under or over-regulation, fickle consumer confidence, healthcare costs, or unions--it's the corporation.

Whenever an executive's personal finances are independent of the fiscal health of his company, he will gladly run it into the ground to serve his own interests. What greedy motherfucker wouldn't? What reason does somebody have not to do it, especially if everybody else is?

You have to remember that most grown men are just taller little boys--they want more and more toys, they want more and more respect, they want a pat on the head from mama, they don't care what they have to do to get it, they'll deny everything til you prove it, then they'll beg and bribe to get out of the punishment and keep the toys.

When AIG and friends went belly-up, their millionaire executives did not mind too much. As a direct result of their actions, their companies were billions of dollars in debt, but they were still drinking Crystal out of the assholes of Harvard-educated prostitutes in the back of their stretch Ferraris, dragracing each other between their opulent oceanfront estates, so who cares, right? Their money is untouchable because they are not personally responsible for the losses of the corporation they control.


Capitalism worked much better in the olden days, when the health of a man's wallet was directly proportional to the health of his business. The corporation is like a hacked ATM to unscrupulous businessmen playing the money game. How much of somebody else's money can you get out of it before it's empty and you move on to the next one?

It's sick.

All the Best,
Goodtime Charlie



LiteralDan said...

I couldn't agree more. Even farther down from the top tier, nobody's accountable for anything, and nobody cares. It's a toxic environment.

We need to all band together and mock them into submission.

Jambone said...

While the people of the world gradually become aware of and disseminate this aptly-written letter - and frankly, they must - it is my privilege to be just the second among them to voice my heartfelt agreement.