Sunday, February 22, 2009

If 'Slumdog' Wins Ten Oscars...Will Anyone Care?

The Oscars are on this evening and I don't even think I will watch them. I just don't see how anything good can come from it.

How sad is that?

Hugh Jackman will be gay as the wind (but closeted, with children), Kate Winslet will finally receive her Oscar for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind / Little Children, Slumdog Millionaire will win a bunch of awards, Heath Ledger's daughter will receive a statuette in trust, five excruciatingly shitty song and dance numbers will happen every now and then, and this fucking fat ugly asshole's failed attempts at humor will stun the global audience silent for 4 hours straight.

Spare me!



Santos said...

Good God! Who is that Bruce Vilanch character?! He(?) will scare the children!

Goodtime Charlie said...

He's the guy who writes all the witty banter for the presenters to deliver.

Has been for a long time. And you wonder why the writing always sucks?