Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lip Service

For all those Americans/Religious People out there who are unfamiliar with the concept, here is a pretty concise and accurate definition of the term:

lip service

n. Verbal expression of agreement or allegiance, unsupported by real conviction or action; hypocritical respect: "Lip service continues to be paid to resolving regional conflicts, but there is no sense of urgency" (Henry A. Kissinger).

Okay, so, now let's look at a few examples of this:

"I've been shitting my pants for decades, but I'm still fit to rule!"

- Strom Thurmond was one of the most racist people in the country, so he of course represented the South in Congress for about 200 years. 'Unrelated' is the fact that he had an affair--and child--with a 16 year-old black servant in his parent's house, when he was 22. It is hard to believe this is the only time it 'happened.' More likely, this was the only time he fathered a child (that he knew of). I am reminded of the David Cross impression: "I will fuck the help, but I will not pay them a living wage...My johnson is color-blind and it is the bane of my existence."

Ha! They believed us!

- George Bush, and others of his ilk, win elections because so many dumb people believe them when they say they are moral, that they are god-fearing, and that they believe in family values. The fact that many of these guys have done drugs, slutted around town, stabbed a hundred people in the back, and are later CAUGHT soliciting prostitutes, leading innocent young men to slaughter for no reason, cheating on their taxes, insisting that people be tortured, etc, seems to not matter, seems to not change things at all among their followers. Now imagine how many of them are clever enough to not get caught. Does it matter? No. Because most people don't read anything, don't pay attention, don't think critically, always assume people are nice and take them at their word. They hear the speech where said candidate says they are moral, and that is good enough for them!

Bishop Richard Williamson - seems like a nice guy

- The current Pope---I believe it is perhaps Pope Weinerschnitzel IV--has asked newly-un-ex-communicated Bishop Richard Williamson to take back his countless public statements denying the Holocaust. What possible good would that do? Would anybody actually think that he changed his mind? Sadly, a mere apology and hollow recanting would probably convince most Catholics out there; that is why they are so easily led.

Sorry to get on my bitch box like that, but I just felt compelled after reading this.


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Octavio said...

The statement said that the bishop’s recent comments denying the Holocaust had been “unknown to the Holy Father at the time he revoked the excommunication.”

What?! But I thought the Pope had a direct line to our omniscient Lord! And was infallible!