Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Carnival Continues

As expected, Joaquin Phoenix sat through a Letterman interview as any homeless man under the undeniable influence of a powerfully-sized amphetamine/horse-tranquilizer cocktail would have.

Sadly, I'm sure this made him far more entertaining than he would have been sober.

Wait--does that mean he is actually doing the right thing? Does that mean this recent debacle is all our fault? Do we require celebrities to crash and burn for our entertainment? Are we complicit in their inevitable demise? Are they the gladiators of our pussy-compared-to-the-Romans culture?

Do we care?

I wonder what sort of peculiar interaction backstage made Dave decide to really go after him, to show him no mercy. Can we see a video of that please, people-who-post-videos-of-such-things?



Dukes My Boy said...

Celebrity or I watched the video I honestly became sick listening to the crowd outwardly laughing at someone who is clearly not well.

Letterman goes for the cheap jokes and to be honest I find the whole thing to be quite sad.

The ignorance of television, celebrity, and the general public proves itself once again.

Goodtime Charlie said...

I agree Letterman went for the cheap shots--albeit still good jokes--and that is why I am wondering what went down off-screen. I don't think Dave would just go after somebody like that otherwise.

Poor drugged-out Joaquin just sat there like a bump on a log, absorbing every blow. What the fuck? Where was Casey Affleck when a boy needs some back-up?

On the other hand, if it IS all a joke...then the people who were laughing really hard got the jump on all of us...

Jambone said...

I think Letterman had every right to go after him the way he did. While I agree some jokes were cheaper than others, I'm not sure much went on backstage at all between he and JP. I think it was merely a situation where he realized he had an intoxicated, difficult guest on the program and did what needed to be done to keep it entertaining and tenable to a mainstream audience.