Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How Exactly Is 'Death By Beheading' Not First-Degree Murder?

So a Muslim man living in upstate New York is served with divorce papers by his third wife, on grounds of domestic abuse (which was why his previous two wives divorced him).

A week later, he cuts off her head with a broadsword.

The man turns himself in and is arrested. We are told not to jump to conclusions, that this has nothing to do with honor killings in Muslim cultures, that we should feel sorry for him because he is in shock after what he did.

He is held without bail, on charges of second-degree murder.

I'm definitely not a lawyer, thank Satan, so perhaps there is a reasonable explanation for this ridiculous charge, but what the fuck does somebody have to do to get first-degree murder? Record a videotaped message of premeditation and then make sure to chop her up and eat her after the beheading?

I hope this guy gets chewed to death by rats in Sing-Sing.



Jessica said...

This is the worst part:

"Hassan founded Bridges TV in 2004 to counter what he said were negative portrayals of Muslims on American television."

Way to go, Mo. The best way to build bridges between angsty American patriots who hate Islam is to behead your wife like some Taliban honor avenger. Kudos.

Karl said...

Now, come on, let's hear his side of the story first....