Saturday, June 12, 2010

Total Coincidence: By the Numbers

27 states went Republican in the 2008 Presidential Election, which means, ummmmm...ummmmm...23 went Democratic. [Well, 24 since we count D.C. below, although that does not make it a state, Republicans. -Ed.] Luckily for us--as well as everybody else--those states had more people in them.

And smarter people?

Check this shit out:
States with the lowest percentage of college-degree holders

Georgia           34.0%       Republican
Kentucky        32.2%       Republican
Mississippi      31.7%       Republican
Tennessee        31.3%       Republican
Texas               30.7%       Republican
Arizona            30.7%       Republican
Alaska              30.5%       Republican
Oklahoma        30.3%       Republican
New Mexico     28.5%       Democrat
Nevada             28.2%       Democrat
West Virginia   28.2%       Republican
Arkansas          25.9%       Republican

States with the HIGHEST percentage of college-degree holders

Washington, D.C.    63.5%     Democrat
Massachusetts         53.4%     Democrat
North Dakota           49.5%    Republican
Minnesota                48.3%    Democrat
New York                47.7%     Democrat
Connecticut             46.3%     Democrat
New Jersey              46.0%     Democrat
Iowa                        45.9%      Democrat
New Hampshire      45.6%      Democrat
Maryland                 44.6%      Democrat
Nebraska                 44.1%      Republican
Vermont                  43.8%      Democrat
Rhode Island           43.4%     Democrat
Pennsylvania           42.8%     Democrat

Huh. Two statistical anomalies in each section, but otherwise it plays out as you might imagine, if you are biased and judgmental and...correct.

The smarter people are, the more likely they are to vote Democratic. No wonder the Republicans hate funding education!

Keep the people dumb, keep them under control. Keep the people poor, they will be grateful for table scraps.


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