Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How Boring is Downtown Sacramento?

No California governor has lived in the governor's mansion since 1967--and it's free! It comes with servants! It's right near where they are supposed to work!

I mean, admittedly, it looks pretty creepy and is probably full of Munsters, but does any other state have this problem? [I seem to recall Blagojevich governing Illinois from Chicago -Ed.]

Ronald Reagan was the last inhabitant, for cry-eye--and even he moved into a lavish pad elsewhere in Sactown after only three months in office.

Jerry Brown rented a shitty apartment and paid for it himself.

The Governator commutes by private jet from his home in Brentwood, since he is the Green Governor.

If, Satan forbid, Meg Whitman were to win the election this fall, would she commute from Silicon Valley in a Jetson's briefcase car?

Is the governor after the next one going to finally give up this escalating charade and just telecommute from K Street?


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