Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Coolest Homeless Couple Ever?

This photo almost makes me want to be homeless, to feel the unbridled freedom of the open road, from possessions and responsibilities that weigh me down. How liberating would it be to wake up to the singing of birds in a verdant park after a long night's sleep, your doting girlfriend cuddled up on your chest, not one obligation weighing you down, the entire day--nay, the rest of your life--naught more than an empty to-do list full of whimsical possibility and the kindness of strangers?

Then I remember how much I like to go to the bathroom on a real toilet, sleep inside on my soft warm bed, devour my record/dvd/book collections, bathe...and it doesn't seem so good anymore.

It might be nice to work something out where I could be part-time homeless, get the benefits of both worlds. Wait--is that what Burning Man is all about? If so, sign me up.


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