Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Russian Spy Acts Like a Spy, Authorities Shocked

You've heard about the Russian spies by now. You know enough about spies from watching movies and reading hardcover thrillers.

It's too bad you are not also the Chief of Police in little ole Cyprus, or this never would have happened:
Christopher Robert Metsos, the 11th suspect in the alleged Russian spy ring who was arrested in Cyprus yesterday, has gone missing, authorities said.

Metsos, who had been staying alone at a hotel in the coastal resort town of Larnaca for the past two weeks, was nabbed yesterday while trying to catch an early morning flight to Budapest. He was since expected to check in at a police station Wednesday but failed to show up, according to Cypriot police spokesman Michalis Katsonotos.
(courtesy Huffington Post)
Seriously, though, how do you let an international espionage agent out on bail and trust that he won't use his spy tactics to easily evade authorities and escape to anonymous freedom in some hidden corner of this vast Earth?

This is not some shmoe who's behind on child support or got a DUI after a night out with his buddies--he is a spy. Trusting him to come to "check in at a police station" when you want him to is as stupid as arresting Mike Tyson and deciding he doesn't need to be handcuffed because, come on, what could he do with those hands that we can't handle?

Fucking idiots...


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