Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Finally, Another Comedy for Fat People

Kevin James has been off the air for what seems like forever and, as a result, there has been a noticeable--and tragic--dip in the number of fat people trying to be funny on television.

As good as Kevin James was at trying to be funny while fat, however, it always felt like something was not quite right with King of Queens.

You guessed it--his wife. She was too skinny! How is middle America supposed to relate to a skinny, attractive person who looks amazing when rubbed down with baby oil and Photoshopped!

That's not what they want to see on TV!

[Notable exceptions include Seinfeld, Friends, and almost every other TV show ever made--but not Roseanne, thank you very much! -Ed.]

Enter Mike&Molly, one of CBS' certified-platinum fall hits that plans to fill the Kevin James gap. [Gross! -Ed.] Mike is an obese Chicago cop and Molly is an obese 4th-grade teacher, so you know, they are totally relatable on the job front, too.

As I bet you couldn't have guessed, the plot revolves around how hard it is for disgustingly fat people to date, how much fat people love to eat, how much fat people hate skinny people, how hard it is for fat people to lose weight since it involves self-control, and how much fat people hate exercise.

Oh, and don't worry--there are plenty of pratfalls and timely interjections from a skinny sassy black metrosexual friend to balance out all the cerebral 'fat white person comedy.'

The Bottom Line:
 If you don't think two fat people trying to be funny on television is twice as fun as one, watch this 2min15sec preview that feels like a feature:

Check back this fall for a liveblog of the first episode!!! Unless the NAAFA gets cold feet and shelves this bitch...


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