Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jobs I Don't Want: Vol.45

(photo courtesy AFP)

A WWII-era bomb is discovered in France during the construction of a hospital and these unfortunate people are called in to drill holes in the side of it, touch it, and gather round as it decides whether or not to explode.



Jeremiah H.P. Teleux, III said...

Those are some crazy helmets... like they can't decide between Football or Gladiator.

Goodtime Charlie said...

Seriously. Also, I love the little 1/2"-wide plexiglass visor. Very useful....

Readers take note: I want one of these in time for Halloween, to complete my Julius Singletary heavenly-hybrid costume I've been crafting for the last three years. And I better be able to see my FACE in that chrome finish.