Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Know Where It Went Wrong for Michael:

"Hopes for a new album were raised in 2006 when Jackson appointed Guy Holmes, the man behind Right Said Fred and Crazy Frog, to spearhead efforts to come up with fresh material. The star found a benefactor in Sheikh Abdullah of Bahrain, who was reportedly prepared to bankroll Jackson's costs if he recorded the sheikh's own compositions. But the deal came to nothing."

Hmmm...the 'world's greatest entertainer' who sold over 500 million albums needed help from the jag-off behind one-hit-wonders Right Said Fred to revitalize his career? On what planet does that make sense? My dear Michael, you would have been better off asking Blanket.

Business/art aside, Michael was already in trouble on the social front.

Why? He was best buddies with this plasticine freak of science since the age of 12:


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Tito Loiben, J.D. said...

"Tito and Jackie were smart, they left their noses alone.”