Monday, July 13, 2009

Michael Douglas Should Stop Sleeping

First it was footballer Steve McNair, now a boxer I never heard of until today.

What's a rich, older man-about-town to do? Just wait around til his crazy young minx gets some bright idea when she watches Fox News?

No. That would be a fool's fate.

Instead, Gordon Gekko will never sleep. He will never blink. He will die from it, in a matter of days, patiently waiting for the Zeta to snap, almost hoping she will, to put him out of his pants-shitting, broken-pipe misery, but also willing to strike her dead with his Oscar if she has the balls to think she wears the pants.

Tick tick tick tick tick tick...


1 comment:

LiteralDan said...

He should have stopped sleeping long ago, only because he could be better spending that time in bed with Catherine Z.