Monday, July 27, 2009

"Joan Rivers Is So Old, Her Vagina Has a Separate Entrance for Black People"

Wow. Wish I coulda been there--they sound like my kinda people when they have an easy target and a green light. Even Brad Garrett.

I saw Joan Rivers walking through Beverly Hills a few months ago, followed by a camera crew taping some kind of program nobody watches ("Beverly Hills Alzheimer's Alligators Alive, Well, and Walking In Circles")--the woman could barely walk and resembled a loosely-formed ball of off-white Play-Doh, yet it seems her sense of humor and thick skin (or deafness/dementia?) are still faithfully at her service.

Hats off to Joan Rivers--for being the butt of jokes and whatever else it is that she does.


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sonny said...

Dude you on a role, these two post are hilarious!