Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ambition Should Be Made of Sterner Stuff

Have you heard the latest about Sarah Palin?

Oh, bosh--of course you have. But--have you seen this edited video of her rambling resignation speech?

It's fairly priceless.

Why? Well...there's just something deliciously enthralling about watching an idiot end her career--on camera, on her terms--and not even know it.

Update: It seems the story has gotten even funnier.

My favorite line:
"Let me state my reasons in plain English without any sports analogies: I'm resigning because I feel I can be a more effective leader operating from the sidelines. I'm no bench warmer," she added.
What a stupid fucking bitch. Can she just leave us all alone already? Before some crazy liberal snaps and kills her with an Uzi (for hunting)? Does the world need another celebrity death on its hands? What will we talk about if they all perish? What?!!!!!


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