Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hollywood Update #421

Cameron Diaz and Nick Cassavetes

It's official--Cameron Diaz is a total alien freak.

Is she going to start turning black and looking like a man soon? Is she the anti-Michael Jackson the universe has been waiting for? Will her increasing creepiness bring an end to the global warming caused by Michael's?

Or maybe she's just afraid of aging and making all the wrong moves.

Also official:

John Cassavetes has risen from the dead intending to hunt and slaughter his own son like only a zombie can. Nick is half his fault, after all...

Oh, and how could they honestly give Cameron Diaz a star? Really? Who came next, Alf? Have we really run so low on icons?

Sadly, yes.



Jebediah MacAlister-Fern said...

I think Alf already has a star

Goodtime Charlie said...

i just checked--he doesn't.

but he probably will, once "Alf" is rebooted as a dark movie...