Wednesday, July 8, 2009

OMFG! Finally!

My bated breath tactic finally paid off--the hotly-anticipated cover for the next Dan Brown instaclassic has finally been revealed!

Five grueling years of waiting over, I hardly know what to do with myself anymore. So I just stare at it. You should do the same. Come on--try it:

Isn't it the most fucking breathtaking beast you've ever seen? It is exactly what I thought it would be--and more better different at the same time!!! LOL!!!

I can't wait to read an advance copy once my mole at Doubleday earns his keep. But don't worry, secret web police--I would never cut into Mr. Brown's profits. I don't roll like that when the future of high art is on the line.

As soon as it's released on September 15th, I will buy 4 first-edition copies: one to covet, one to store in a vacuum-sealed bag in my safe-deposit box in the Cayman Islands (best investment ever!!), and two to give to all my friends!

Pre-order now from your favorite shit-schlocker.


1 comment:

Karl said...

Langdon's back!! One of the greatest characters in the history of fiction returns. I can't WAIT to see what he's up to after Dan Brown's FIVE YEARS of exhaustive research.

PS-When are those motherfucking cocksuckers in Sweden going to recognize The King (Brown) with the Nobel he so richly deserves?????