Friday, July 31, 2009

Jennifer the Leopard: Hungry for More

J-Lep (aka Jennifer the Leopard) performed last night at the Redcat Theater and knocked 'em dead. My only complaint about the 25-minute set was that it was too brief, although perhaps leaving your fans wanting more is a good thing...

Although the music itself was enjoyable, the performance went beyond the sonic, cleverly infusing video, back-up dancers, and a full-blown audience percussion section. The quartet made especially inventive use of video during the 'move your car' and 'this is a break-up song' segments and kept the audience clapping, stomping, smiling, and shaking their noisemakers during the entire set.

Are they punk, post-punk, rock-n'roll, or a blend of it all? Who cares--it's fun. Go see them at Redcat, in downtown Los Angeles, either tonight or tomorrow at 830pm.

And Now the Obligatory Warnings:

#1: Redcat works more like a museum than a music venue--latecomers are only allowed in during a set break or intermission. Last night, that meant getting in by 830pm, at 847pm, or between the two differnet performance pieces.

#2: There are two drastically different performances on the bill. I recommend rolling in around intermission, unless a Big Lebowski-style 'dance quintet' set to the tune of a never-ending fart is your kinda jam.

#3: If you plan on drinking, I'd bring a flask, as my favorite $20/bottle bourbon is $10/glass from the surly wench at the plywood bar in the hallway.

Buy tickets here.
FYI--parking garage underneath the Disney Theater is only $4 if you're going to Redcat.


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