Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pinocchio P.R.

Transocean spokesman Lou Colasuonno at today's press conference in Monaco
"As part of Transocean's unwavering commitment to safety and rigorous maintenance discipline on all our rigs, we proactively commissioned the safety survey and the rig assessment review," Transocean spokesman Lou Colasuonno said in an e-mail early Thursday. "A fair reading of those detailed third-party reviews indicates clearly that while certain areas could be enhanced, overall rig maintenance met or exceeded regulatory and industry standards and the Deepwater Horizon's safety management was strong and a culture of safety was robust on board the rig."
(courtesy HuffPo)
Wow, sounds like this guy totally went to P.R.M.B.A. school. He should be so proud of his well-crafted bullshit--look at all those three-dollar buzz words and phrases!
"a fair reading"
"culture of safety"
Hahahahahahahahaha...yeah right, asshole--tell it to the judge.


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