Saturday, July 10, 2010

Movies for Men with Taste

For those of you unfortunate souls who have yet to bask in the hilarious dark wit of Todd Solondz's Happiness (an all-time GTC fave, let the record state), I suggest you do so immediately.

No excuses--if you are at still at work, leave. These are the inspired moments that led our forefathers to create the sick day, after all, and any asshole boss would complain about his worst employee taking a few measly sick hours deserves to be an ex-boss anyway.

After you have laughed, cried, been grossed out and offended, and then laughed some more, check out the trailer for Toddybaby's new movie, Life During Wartime, which is sort-of a loosey-goosey sequel to Happiness, albeit employing different actors, after the jump.

Hits theaters July 23rd. Be there or risk being like everybody else.


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