Thursday, July 22, 2010

Breaking: Tom Cruise Is a Total Liar

Cameron Diaz is 5'9". Tom Cruise is 5'7". Cameron Diaz is wearing 4-5" heels.

And Tom Cruise is wearing 6" heels. You do the math:

Notice how wide his boots are at the ankle? No 5'7" man has ankles that big--that extra room is because his heel is 5" higher than where it should be atop those 1" boot-heels, and his foot needs to slide down as far forward in the toe as possible to make this whole charade look legit.

I wonder who makes these special shoes for him. I wonder how much Tom pays him/her to never utter a word about their arrangement. I wonder what else Tom is hiding...maybe a big ole blue streak of gayness?

I guess anything is possible--hell, he figured out how to be as tall as Cameron Diaz in heels, right?

[Hat-tip to HuffPo for the juicy gossip]


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