Friday, January 22, 2010

Roll This Sentence Around on Your Tongue for a While

"Now a married mother living in Hawaii, Geimer was 13 when she told authorities Polanski raped and sodomized her during a photo shoot at Jack Nicholson’s house."

Pretty amazing, eh?

The only way I can think of to make it better is to add "while Burt Reynolds watched from the kitchen window and Jay Leno fixed a car in the garage" to the end of it.

Now, whether it was rape or consensual sex with an underage girl is immaterial--can you imagine fucking a 13 year-old girl in the ass? I mean...WOW...that's really going for it.

Even if she did want to have sex with Polanski--which it appears is not the case--that's like if an actor auditioned for a role in a Wendy's commercial and the director suddenly demanded he recreate Daniel Day Lewis' performance in My Left Foot from start to finish.

What brought Polanski to the point where he thought giving a 13 year-old Quaaludes and fucking her in the ass was a totally normal thing to do? What had he done before that moment that made this evening just another night of fun, in his mind?

Can you imagine the shenanigans that went on at Jack Nicholson's house that never made it to the papers? And those that happened at Robert Evans' house?

I can. And it's blowing my mind...

Roman, Jack, and Robert Evans after a night of fun at Evans' house
(photo courtesy GoodtimeCharlie)

If you want to learn more about the escapades of guys like Robert Evans, Jack Nicholson, and Roman Polanski (who partied together quite a bit), you should read High Concept, by Charles Fleming, which focuses on the life and times of one of the craziest sex freaks in Hollywood history--producer Don Simpson.

Here's a taste of what it has to offer, courtesy of
Simpson created an infamous persona -- he'd have hookers flown to his film sets, for example -- and eventually established a reputation as "the town's most notorious bad boy." He also had, for a few years, a nearly perfect instinct for what the public could be sold and a peerless story sense, manifested in cocaine-fueled, 40-page faxed memos.

It's hard to tell where Simpson's narcissism ended and his insecurities began. He subjected his chunky, 5-7 frame to epic quantities of drugs and booze, to late-night binges on peanut butter and hamburgers, to crash diets and workouts, to testosterone implants and to at least 10 procedures by plastic surgeons, including a butt lift and a penis enlargement. When Simpson died in 1996 at the age of 52, the coroner found 27 prescription drugs in his blood, plus cocaine, heroin and booze.
And from his wikipedia entry:
Simpson's unusual personal life has been documented in a number of sources. A chapter in the book You'll Never Make Love in This Town Again (which describes four prostitutes' stories about their sexual encounters with Hollywood celebrities) discusses his preferences for S & M and videotaping of their sessions. He is also known to have had several plastic surgery operations, allegedly including a collagen injection to his penis. People magazine, in an article after his death, alleged that he was a fan of snuff films.
Yeah. I guess when you're hanging around in this sorta circle, fucking a drugged 13 year-old girl in the ass is probably way closer to the line than it is for most people, thankfully.


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