Thursday, January 21, 2010

News Flash: People on Morphine Don't Care About Anything

Having trouble with that trick knee, soldier? Does it remind you of when that car bomb blew up and a child's severed head catapulted across the square and shattered your tibia into a million bite-size pieces?

Have some more morphine!

You'll be fine as long as you take something that allows you to sink into the couch and stare at the ceiling, thinking about nothing all day, ignoring the shrill cartoons blaring from your TV, ignoring the machinations of your own brain, as your run-ragged wife serves you sugar cookies and bug juice, then sits in the kitchen smoking 100s, wondering if people would really blame her if she ran away and never came back.
Overall, experts estimate that about 20% of troops and veterans suffer from PTSD, along with 8% of civilians. 20% of the troops we send to Afghanistan to defeat the Taliban, in part by destroying the poppy crops that fill their war chests, need pharmaceutical-grade morphine made from those poppies in order to function once they get home?

What kind of fucked-up joke is this?

"Beware the military-pharmaceutical complex..."


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