Monday, January 11, 2010

Eric Rohmer is Dead. Long Live Eric Rohmer.

Since the only photos of E.Rohmer online are him at his most ancient,
I chose this still from
Claire's Knee instead, for some reason...

The dude was old (89) and was fortunate enough to be able to create dozens of movies during his lifetime, so it's hardly tragic, but there it is. He is gone.

The real question is...did he die a virgin?

Allegedly, he has a son named Rene Monzat, but I'd have to see an unedited film of the conception to really believe his paternity, based on what I can surmise about the fellow.

Whether you have never heard of him, only dipped your toes in his oeuvre, or seen it all, I encourage you to peruse this retrospective on his brilliant career written by yours truly, in honor of his passing. Enjoy.

Bon voyage, Monsieur Rohmer.


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