Sunday, March 1, 2009

Thanks, Dumb People

This is sending the wrong message. Trust me.

If you would just sit out these awful movies, maybe things will get better! Maybe Hollywood would decide to try anything--ANYTHING--to get you back! Maybe they would be forced to retreat to the shadowy domain of 1970s-style, auteur-controlled, character movies!

Be honest--who saw Pink Panther 2? Who? Jump off a cliff--you're ruining our chances! Now they will only make a third! And more Madea Goes To Jails and Paul Blarts! No! Noooooooo!!!

Where will the downward spiral end? A Brett Ratner remake of Weekend At Bernie's starring The Coreys and Burt Reynolds? Come on, people! Save yourselves from yourselves!



Nick Bakay said...

Is Burt Reynolds still alive? Howbout a remake of Smokey starring the Coreys as 'The Bandits', text-messaging their way across America's dead-cell-signal zones in a Prius, with Reynolds as the curmudgeonly old Sheriff on their tail! Golden!

Goodtime Charlie said...

I'm on the horn with Feldman's agent right now. You just made me a million dollars!