Monday, March 2, 2009

Looking for the Strongest 'Regular' American

Season 1 winner?

Much like American Idol searches for an American singing sensation without including the best singers in the competition, it looks as though CBS' new stupid reality show America's Strongest American will not actually be searching for the strongest man.
"Strongest" will differ from the strongman competitions seen on networks like ESPN, where professional muscleheads compete for weightlifting titles. The challenges will be scaled to suit a more average physique. The project continues a recent trend toward networks developing lighter and more comedic reality fare.
Huh? What is the point? Why not just call it "Search for the Strongest Man on the Show?" Talk about a way to make the men more 'appealing.' Who likes those beefy, veiny steroid guys? Let's get some lithe little gay hotties in there to get America watching! Preferably a few mixed-race entries for a dash of exoticism...

And I wouldn't say this is the result of a trend toward 'lighter and more comedic reality fare'; it's a trend toward 'cheaper programming' to fill time slots. Because for some reason, all the really expensive shitty sitcoms and dramas created by the same ten people every year just aren't working out with the public.

It must be the economy...


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LiteralDan said...

"Search for the Strongest Man on the Show" is golden. Still laughing