Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cinema is Dead

Sound the trumpets, lower the casket -- for the Flock shall soon descend upon a vapid multiplex near you.

Half-bird teenagers who escape from a lab when they learn to fly? Half-wolf people chasing after them? How did the wolves know they existed? How did the wolves get created? Was this really a hit book series? Or just 'a book series?'

All these questions...and yet, delightfully, I care not for the answers.

The book series was written by monolithic-douchebag James Patterson, also behind the laughably-bad, 13-episode-and-out TV series, Women's Murder Club, based on his book series of the same name. He executive produced both projects.

The movie--Maximum Ride--is being written by the guy who wrote The Rise of the Silver Surfer, which seems appropriate--he has experience in shit-shoveling.


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