Saturday, March 7, 2009

Now I've Heard Everything

Apparently, there is a retirement home for chimpanzees who were actors.

The home was funded largely by the late Johnny Carson, who bequeathed the center (in his home state of Nebraska) $1 million in his will, in addition to donations given while he was still breathing.

The idea of a chimpanzee retirement home is funny enough--but one that is exclusively for those who were actors? Is there also one for chimpanzee Harvard alumni? (And a separate one for Yale, obviously) How about the Chimpanzee Daughters of the American Revolution?

What is so perilously wrong with humanity that we do such things?



Karl said...

I mean...would you rather have them just put to sleep? You can't release them back in the wild...

Goodtime Charlie said...

No, releasing them in the wild causes them to either starve to death or get killed by poachers.

Can't we put them in a spaceship and send them to another planet, where they'll finally be happy?