Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Suicide: Carradine-Style

I can't believe I've been so busy lately (sorry, fans) that I have been unable to comment on the fact that David Carradine hanged himself by his balls in a hotel room in Thailand. My apologies.

Was it suicide? Was it poorly-executed autoerotic asphyxiation? Does it matter?

How many other celebrities have stuck their loved ones in this embarrassing situation? I can only think of one--Michael Hutchence, former lead singer of INXS.

Can you think of any others?

For more information on the "David Carradine Sex or Death 2009" news tornado, please tune in here.

Meanwhile, it's time for another Reader Poll:

What is the most embarrassing way you can imagine being found dead?

My submission:
Lying on the floor of my parents' bedroom, in an ankle-deep pool of dried blood and excrement, a murderous hamster gnawing his way out of my ass. Whoops--sorry mom and dad!

Interesting Tidbit: While researching celebrity suicides, I found this gem:
Ray Combs - talk show host (Family Feud)
1996 --- hanged himself on the night of June 2, 1996, with bed sheets in his hospital room at Glendale Adventist Hospital while on a 72-hour "suicide watch."
Happy Tuesday, Planet Earth! Be careful with those ropes!



Karl said...

Rumor Has It (TM) (that's the name of my gossip blog ("glog" for those in the biz)) that Chris "Nice Guy Eddie" Penn offed himself this way.

max said...

As Johnny Payphone once declaimed, regarding the aforementioned death of Michael Hutchence - when someone has achieved that degree of success, wealth, recognition, and abundant groupies, and yet is found dead in such a manner... it simply begs the question whether there's just nothing better than jerking it in a noose.

p.s. all blogs are glogs

p.p.s. nice to see NiS back in order