Monday, November 2, 2009

You Wanna Know Why Network Television Sucks?

A lack of new blood on the creative end of things.

Case in point:

68 year-old James Burrows, who directed 75 episodes of Taxi (1978-82), also directed 238 episodes of Cheers, 32 episodes of Frasier, 20 episodes of Caroline in the City, 15 episodes of Friends, 187 episodes of Will & Grace, 17 episodes of Back to You, 26 episodes of Gary Unmarried, and an assortment of episodes of just about every TV show you have or have not heard of during the last 30 years.

Is there really such a dearth of talented directors out there that one man is allowed such a stranglehold on the boob tube for--literally--generations of viewers?

There isn't.

Is this purposefully-limited talent pool a big part of the reason why network TV shows are the most predictable, banal, stereotypical, humorless bullshit available to a consumer of media?

It is.

Mr. Burrows, a word of advice--do the world a favor and retire already. If you get bored and need something to do other than count your money, I think Wal-Mart is still on the lookout for greeters...


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