Saturday, November 7, 2009

Christmas Present Ideas!

Christmas is right around the corner (only 49 days away!!!) and I'm sure some of you haven't completed your shopping yet--slackers!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!! ROTFL!!!!!!!! OMG...

I figured since I am the man everybody comes to for gift-giving tips, I would offer a couple suggestions for that precious little person in your life who thought they had everything:

You have to put your soap and scrub brush somewhere, right? Why not inside a gas mask protruding from your shower tiles? You'll be a big hit with guests--everybody loves getting scared to death with soap in their eyes!

Not your Daddy's knife block, that's for sure! So edgy!
[Hint: For an extra fee, you can make a mold of your own head! So hip!]

A T-shirt that will turn heads at the company picnic for sure--and may even get you a raise!


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