Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Come on, Illinois...

Can you get your act together for one damn minute?

If it ain't the last TWO governors being indicted, it's Mayor Daley spending the city into near-bankruptcy in a failed bid for the Olympics nobody but his cronies wanted, or finding the body of the Chicago Board of Education floating in the river.

Can't Illinois political figures just lay low and do their dirty work on the sly, like everybody in government everywhere else in the country/world? Why do they seem to think they are impervious to punishment when lately everybody either gets busted by the only honest man in government, Patrick Fitzgerald, or winds up the victim of a "suicide?"

I have no doubt this guy was a corrupt asshole--he stood to make a lot of money from the Olympics on a property development deal, he was friends with Jesse Jackson for 30 years, and he was embroiled in some sort of scheme involving admission to the (very few) elite Chicago Public Schools--and I have no doubt he deserved what he got.

What did he get, you ask? The modern version of cement shoes. A couple thugs drove his car over to the river, put a bullet in his head, threw the gun in the river, and hopped into an idling car down the block--all as their boss watched through a telescope from the penthouse of Trump's new skyscraper. End of story.

If he was going to kill himself, do you really think that is how he would do it? Do you really think this is when he would choose to do it?

Basically, if you ever watched The Wire--and you should, if you haven't and you want to see exactly why and how we are in a never-ending political shit cycle-- this Michael Scott asshole is a bonafide Clay Davis sorta fella. And Clay Davis finally got his. Good job, Lester!



Tom Szechiderecki said...

Worth noting this comes only two months after Blagojevich's big fundraising buddy Chris Kelly was found dead, in a lumberyard, or a suicide 'by aspirin overdose.' Fitzgerald had been on his ass to testify about Blago, and Kelly was scheduled to begin a prison term next summer.

Goodtime Charlie said...

Wow. I wish I could say that is surprising. An aspirin overdose? They must be running out of ideas. What's next? Patrick Fitzgerald falls down a flight of stairs?