Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Present Ideas! Vol.2


Since it truly does take all kinds to keep this fucked-up world on its feet, I will continue to tirelessly scour the world for unique gifts this holiday season (Vol.1 available here) until all your loved ones have exactly what they may or may not want under that tree/menorah/bush/toilet.

Without further ado, more gift ideas for the person who thought they had everything:

Did your nephew once say he liked Star Wars? Then buy him this obscenely large and expensive desk made to look like Han Solo frozen in carbonite. He will absolutely love the way it fills his entire dorm room and makes him instantly popular with girls!

If you know somebody who is lonely this holiday season, snakes make wonderful, loving pets--as long as they never escape from their electrified pen and sink their teeth into your face.

He's not full of it anymore! OH!
Now if only that gray base was Glenn Beck's face...hmmm...back to the drawing board!

[interesting Mr. Hankey genesis story available here]


1 comment:

Wichita Jones said...

Surprised you didn't tie in that snake gift to choking-your-girlfriend's-baby-to-death. still time to edit with 99.9999% of the world being none the wiser!