Friday, August 14, 2009

What the fuck is this all about?

More importantly, what the fuck is that picture all about? Are only kissy-face teenage moms eligible for this program?

Is this some sort of uber-expensive, 'target demographic of one,' special-interest/family-sponsored advertising campaign/intervention to get Jamie Lynn Spears back to school or something?

Is aspiring Ross Perot Jeff Sessions behind all this malarcky?

Or is it that other Republican senator from Alabama, what's-his-face, the one who's always doodling, bored as hell, and never looks at the camera...Richard Shelby, that's his name.

[Confidential advice, pricks: throw in a free liposuction if you really want to lock it down.]

But, for now, world, I must impress upon you that this is mere hearsay--wait for Ms. Spears' rep to deny it and then you'll know it's true.

Developing story...


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