Thursday, April 30, 2009

If There's One Thing a Horse Loves More Than Running Free, It's Racing Other Horses Around a Track Until They're Killed at an Early Age

The Kentucky Derby is tomorrow (be still thy heart!) and let's not forget what it is all about--stupid hats and shitty minty drinks.

If you're interested in the actual horses, as some millionaires who own them are, Larry Jones--trainer of the second-place horse in the last two races--had this to say about his entry this year, Friesan Fire:
“My colt can be anywhere,” Jones said. “Eight Belles had a wonderful trip here, and I think we’re going to repeat it. He’ll be in running position turning for home.”
"A wonderful trip?"

That poor little horsie broke her ankles at the finish line and was euthanized on the track, in front of everybody (or perhaps behind an improvised bedsheet curtain).

What a doting cross-species sportsman/father-figure that Jones is. Wait--I mean 'asshole.'


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