Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ISO Wizard-Sleeve Fetishist

Beware, Gents--the incorrigible Nadya Suleman is on the prowl.

Not only is she trying to trademark 'Octomom' (a term which she did not coin) to help sell maternity wear and diapers (hint: Octomom condoms would be far more successful), but she also has a reality show in the works.

The show would follow her around, constantly, as she raises her 14 children and, as if that wasn't enough to make you change the channel or hang yourself, tries to find a man.

What sort of person would want to date this woman?

Out of those men, which scary few would want to do so on national television?

Hmmm...actually, it just might be crazy enough to work--worthless fame whore meets worthless fame whore and they live happily ever after, until he runs himself over in the driveway. Or marries one of her daughters.

Good luck, Nadya! Nobody's rooting for you!

Except for this guy:


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