Monday, April 19, 2010

This Is What a Douchebag Looks Like

Ventral view

Dorsal view

I wonder who would win in a douche-off--Mr. CooL ICE or the Governor of California.

Before becoming Governor, Herr Schwarzenegger used to freeze things for a living

I'd say the odds are 50/50, considering these days Arnold walks around like his entire body is broken, and as long as the proceeds went to a charity that didn't spend 90% of their donations on operating costs, I'd sure buy a front-row seat.

Does Don King still do this shit? If so, give that motherfucker a call for me...



Benji said...

"Ask anyone. Just say the words: Mr. Cool Ice. They'll know immediately. No one knows Chris Giordano. Who's Chris Giordano? He's nobody, that's who. But Mr. Cool Ice, he's somebody. So really, the choice basically made itself. This is just who I am, man, and it's just like, if you aren't chill with that, then you can just fuck off, you know what I mean?"

Goodtime Charlie said...

"Besides--chick dig it!"