Sunday, December 6, 2009

Giorgio, you didn't!

This just in:
In July 2007, Giorgio Armani told Time Magazine that viewing PETA materials “convinced me not to use fur." However, according to PETA, Armani’s Fall 2008 collection included fur coats for babies, floral printed furs, fur-hemmed skirts and fur-trimmed jackets. The animal rights group has contacted celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and Glenn Close asking that they not wear Armani-designed clothes.
Floral-printed furs? Fur coats for babies? What sort of rich-get-richer-and-ever-more-obscene sort of world are we living in? Oh, yeah--this one:

When you can't count on vain, billionaire fashion designers ($5 billion, to be exact) to keep their word, on whom can you count?

Well, PETA, I guess...I mean, they did make two phone calls to help their cause...


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