Monday, May 18, 2009

"Trust me--we'll make millions!"

Q: Has anyone in China ever actually seen a thong,
or is the landing-strip simply mandatory for girls ten and up?
A. No?

Or lose it all. Oops!

A sex theme park? Called 'Love Land?' Who thought they could actually get away with this in China, of all places?

Better still, what black-magic brainwashing wizard was able to convince people to invest in a sex theme park, no matter the proposed locale? I find it hard to believe that could ever really be a profitable venture, unless it was actually just a thinly-disguised brothel (so thin it might work?) or you sold drugs at the lemonade stand or something.

Tell ya what, since it's Monday and we're all tired as shit and aimless, contemplative and depressed, I'll tack on a free tip for my fellow tacky perverts out there:
Keep them peepers peeled on Chinese eBay for good deals on random oversized 'sexy' statuary and brick-a-brack and scratch-and-sniff exhibits and such--Christmas is right around the corner! LOLOLOL!!!!

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