Monday, May 18, 2009

The Thin Skin of Ms. White

Vanna got her big break when Merv Griffin saw her on the Price is Right

It's a long, top-secret story, so I won't explain how I stumbled upon this article, but I think you should read the text of it a few times through and then look at the grainy image above it.

What a strangely written...article? About application? That mentioned an intriguing lawsuit.

I needed more information.

So I stumbled further and found this dissenting opinion from the White v. Samsung case (specifically, the third appeal, which appears to have been successful), which is definitely too much information, but a pretty interesting read all the same.

I can't recall ever reading through an actual legal opinion before, having wisely given law school a miss, and I wonder how many of them open with "Saddam Hussein wants..." and go on to cite Adam West, George Lucas, Uri Gellar, Groucho Marx, and Charles Lindbergh.


On a more personal note, just so you don't get the wrong idea about her, I have met Vanna White and she is a sweetheart--everyone on the crew of Wheel of Fortune is a big fan.

With that in mind, I wonder if it was her representation that slapped the lawsuit, hoping for their cut, or if Vanna had a momentary lapse of sense and is wholly to blame for such a worthless lawsuit.

Luckily, she is one of our avid readers--care to weigh in, Ms. White?


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