Sunday, May 3, 2009

Slippery Who?

Item: There is a school named Slippery Rock University.

Hmm--I wonder how it got that name...
"Hmmm...I guess my new school should have a name...a really good one...can't think of one off the top of my head...well, it should have something to do with the natural setting...what's around me right now...hmmm...Arnold!"
"Yes, boss?"
"What's around me right now?"
"Ain't nuthin' but a buncha slippery rock, sir. Surprise if'n I don't crack open ma head carryin' this dang ole sedan chair aroun in such weather..."
"Hmmm...Slippery Rock...I like it... I'm a genius! Now put me down for a second so I can do a jig."
Item #2: Twenty-two Slippery Rock students went to Mexico recently and had to have a private graduation ceremony.

What's next? Separate buses for people who have been to Mexico? Internment camps?

Tens of thousands of people in the USA die each year from the regular old flu; only 20 people in all of North America have died from swine flu in this 'epidemic.'

Get over the hype already, people--eat well, get a good amount of rest, exercise regularly, and go to the doctor if you get the flu. He will give you medicine and you will get better.

You're welcome. That'll be $1000.

--Dr. Goodtime Charlie


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