Thursday, January 6, 2011

Proof There Is No God?

"Ted Haggard to bounce back from that whole male-hookers and meth thing with a reality show." This Onion A/V Club article is well-worth a read.

And this article about Larry the Cable Guy's new show on the History Channel is just sad.

To cheer yourself up, read David Cross' 'Open Letter to Larry the Cable Guy' once more and put that smile back on your face for a while...oh, wait--the website he posted it to is now defunct.

WTF? Did he and Bob forget to pay their GoDaddy bill or something? Luckily I found something even better--David Cross reading said letter aloud. You're welcome.


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Goodtime Charlie said...

I realize now the recording I linked to is sadly incomplete.

Fear not, however, as I am currently working on extracting the exact language from the treacherous depths of my brain, developing a flawless David Cross impression, and finishing the letter on my own.

Expected Date of Completion: 04/11/15