Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Little Girls Getting Owned

I know I will one day be gleefully banished to Hell by a vengeful God for laughing at these videos every time I see them, but I just can't help myself--they're hilarious.

Little Girl Owned by Trampoline:

Little Girl Owned by Swing:

Little Girl Owned by Bench:

And THAT'S why you don't put floppy hats on your little girls, parents!

Little Girl Owned by Soccer Ball:

Little Girl Owned by Dog:

More General Ownings:

I could watch these forever and I just might...



Mary said...

Forklift video is the best, non human injury one. Just guy-getting-fired.

Goodtime Charlie said...

Well, who know--that guy could've been crushed to death under the weight of all that schmaltz.

I think the most amazing thing about all of these is that somebody got them all on camera.

Who would think to record some dude bouncing on a trampoline in somebody's backyard? Who would watch that video? But this person DOES record it, standing idly by as a little girl walks right up to it and begs to get hurt, then watches her get nailed and posts the video on the youtubes?

Videotaping a family soccer game (for posterity?) and happening to catch the exact moment when a girl gets leveled? Priceless.

I have to imagine none of these people were seriously injured, or their loved ones probably would not have had the heart to post them on the internet for people to laugh at.

But maybe they were all robbed right after recording the videos and criminals posted them online mercilessly?

Who knows, who cares, funny is funny, laugh away, people of Earth!

LiteralDan said...

That trampoline one, and some of the others, were probably from unmanned cameras set up to record the general awesomeness of the offender.

That kid on the trampoline is the real-life George Michael, Master of the Light Saber.

I'm pretty sure you may enjoy this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kQmi2m4lSA

Goodtime Charlie said...

That fence one was not funny. If she had been hit harder and her whole body lifted off the ground as she was forcibly bent backwards in a perfect arc worthy of a physics-class diagram, then it would have been funny. As it stands, she probably just broke a bunch of baby teeth.

Remember Alan Alda's advice in "Crimes & Misdemeanors":

"If it bends, it's funny--if it breaks, it's not funny."