Monday, November 8, 2010

He's Back, Baby!

Yes, this is a real movie--directed by Jodie Foster, no less (discuss).

Yes, it was shot before (some of) that shit went down.

Yes, the notecard says something else on the real poster.

Yes, much like the man himself this project was a bad idea from the instant it was conceived.

Yes, you will probably see it with your family this holiday season and/or receive it on BluRay from a friend as a Valentine's Day gag gift.

Yes, you all should be ashamed of yourselves.

Aside from the movie crew's community-saving bribes to dozens of unemployed+underwater homeowners near the shooting location pretending to mow their lawn every day, probably the only good to come of this debacle is all of the anti-fan art out there on the web.


Probably a direct quote as he walked to craft service for a handful of Peanut M&Ms.

I would much rather see THIS movie.

Probably an accurate assessment of what Gibson's golden years would have been like
if he didn't have $400 million in the bank and a team of parasites that live off him.

For even more anti-fan art, check out the endless comments on the post that inspired mine at Videogum.



Anonymous said...

is it time to say "aw, we were just fuckin' with ya'll - april fools!" yet?

also, i'm not sure how much spin could save this movie, but the studios should really get somebody to write the logline for their imdb page. "A guy walks around with a puppet of a beaver on his hand and treats it like a living creature." Really? That's the pitch someone took into a financing meeting, and they came out with $19 million?

Goodtime Charlie said...

That script was no doubt on the Blacklist so long that by the time Jodie Foster scooped it up everybody forgot they needed to write a better logline than the one that didn't work for years...