Saturday, October 16, 2010

Why Do All These Damn Coal Miners Keep Getting Themselves in So Much Trouble?

Remember back in April when all those miners blew themselves to bits in West Virginia, in a misguided attempt to get the CEO of Massey Energy in trouble with some of his elected employees?

Remember more recently when those 33 Chilean coal miners made their tunnel collapse and played hooky from work by hiding underground for 69 frustrating days?

Well, now it seems some Chinese attention-seekers have thrown their hat into the ring:
 Associated Press -- BEIJING -- An explosion in a Chinese coal mine killed 20 and trapped more than 30 workers underground Saturday in the country's central region, state media reported.
A man answering phones at the mine said he had not heard anything an accident.
China's mining industry is the most dangerous in the world, and more than 2,600 people died in mining accidents last year.
(courtesy HuffPo)
What exactly is it that all these miners are after, aside from time off work, peace and quiet, total darkness, homosexual tension, and the satisfaction of temporarily crippling their bosses' golden goose?

Well, like everybody else in the world, it seems like they just want to be on television:
And so the deluge of mine-related entertainments begins: Capitalizing on the rescue of the 33 Chilean miners, Spike TV has ordered the reality series Coal about coal miners in West Virginia.
(courtesy Mediaite)
The heroic effort to rescue the 33 miners in Chile may be over, but their time in the international spotlight has only just begun. The intense interest in their plight has already triggered a documentary on Discovery while at least two — possibly three — books are in the works, to say nothing of the cash offers that foreign publications have reportedly offered the miners in exchange for their personal stories.
Why do I have the bad feeling these mining "accidents" will continue to occur with increasing regularity?

Well, the odds of attaining white-Republican-caliber wealth as a result are better than playing the lottery, for one...


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