Monday, November 24, 2008

You Have Been Warned

Good people of the Second City--lock up your sons and daughters, stock your bars, and prepare your offerings. Goodtime Charlie flies to Chicago tomorrow...


Jessica said...

Goodtime Charlie said...

Although I like Annie Hall, I'm a bigger fan of Manhattan. And after reading this essay, I'm definitely less of a fan of Marshall Brickman (not that I was much of a fan).

That being said, Brickman did have his hands in 3 of my favorite Woody Allen movies--Manhattan, Annie Hall, and Manhattan Murder Mystery (an overlooked comedic gem).

BUT he didn't do a single other project of note--indeed, very few other projects at all--which must lead one to question the true scope of his involvement in the Woody Allen movies.

One thing is certain: he isn't any good at writing essays or formulating ideas...maybe he was a better typist?