Thursday, March 3, 2011

¿Quieres bailar?

Crack open a six-pack of Heineken, put on your headband, and turn this shit up:

The Ex is a Dutch band that has been jamming since 1979 and that will probably live forever, in one form or another. They used to be punk and now they are something else because they are older and more refined. Their first single was called Stupid Americans and their first 7" was called All Corpses Smell the Same. 1983's Gonna Rob the Spermbank might be my favorite title, though.

If you like good live music, check out their upcoming (starts in 5 days!) US tour schedule, get your tickets, wax your private places, and get ready for a cheap double-guitar stompin' good time!

Of special note to my biggest fans:
Chicago: March 8th at Lincoln Hall
Los Angeles: March 18th at The Satellite

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